Working From Inside

Tap into your own inner resources when you feel you are in the depth of things. It will help bring you strength

When overwhelmed by an overload of things that need our attention, remember that life teaches us that we are never given more than we can handle. When we get to the point of asking”why me” it shifts our energy from the task at hand. The best way for us to cope would be to go inward; calm our center and anchor ourselves there.

A deep breath in the midst of chaos can make all the difference in finding clarity. A deep breath offers us a chance to turn inward and find the calm at the center of the storm.

By tapping into our inner resources we bring our focus to the needs of the present moment and begin again. We can seek answers to those questions once we get to the other side of the present challenge. For now, we accept it for what it is. Once we have honed in our upset energy and created space, we can invite inspiration and be open to solutions. The natural order of the universe has room to move in our lives when we get ourselves and our external thoughts out of the way.

After the impossible has become possible again, we have the opportunity to learn the lesson with a better idea of our personal strength. We can now ask ourselves the “why” questions knowing that we have the power to change the outcome. Perhaps we have taken on more than our fair share or felt obligated to be committal. The best part of this experience is we that we realize it to be the ebb and flow and life, or we may be receiving life lessons to prepare us for something wonderful to come. But when we have a chance to make new choices, we know the best ones are made when we work from the inside.

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