Finding Peace and Freedom In The Power of Surrender

My biggest lesson last week was the Power of Surrender. I started the week battling what I thought was the flu, but it turned out to be nothing more than allergies ad raging sinuses. I wanted to dive into ALL of my week’s tasks and be fully prepared for whatever was to come, but I had to surrender to the intermittent headaches, congestion and overall lack of concentration that came with it.

Once I did submit, I found that I was able to accomplish less demanding things that normally get left behind, like catching up on my reading on my downtime and playing a little with the ‘nephboos.’ I had a stress-free few days, not bogged down by deadlines and by midweek all my symptoms seemed to disappear, giving me the strength to get back in the saddle of routine. Yay for me!

There is power in surrendering to what is, no doubt, and that became immediately apparent once I relinquished the need to control everything. You know sometimes we want something so badly that we try controlling the outcome(s), but the real power is in giving up that need, and without expectation, allowing the universe to do its thing.

There is real peace and freedom to be found when we surrender to the things we have no control over. On Thursday’s Hard Talk with Mell, my guest, Michelle Foreman shared how she turned her pain into POWER after surrendering to her son’s diagnosis of being on the autism spectrum, when she herself had just been through a period of major depression in her life.  We don’t ask for the challenges that we are faced with in life, but we definitely need to find ways to overcome them.

Have a listen to our conversation below. You may find great inspiration for whatever it is you’re going through and then consider:

  1. What do you need to surrender?
  2. What in your life is blocking your path to true peace and freedom?

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