• Mell helped me develop a strategic plan and take action towards the accomplishment of my personal goals. Her passion for helping others is evident and her excitement is contagious!

    Aisha Oliver-Staley Attorney
  • Mell is a Creative Genius with the ability to help you clearly identify your goals and create a definite strategy towards achieving them. She is gifted with the talent to help others clearly visualize what they want to accomplish and continues to come up with new, exciting and proven ways that help you reach your desired results; for the individual that is serious and ready to take their business to the next level!

    Aishah Tatum Speaker to Holisitic Life Coach, Author and Speaker.
  • Mell is one of the most brilliant and dynamically resilient women I know. A leader by nature; as she encourages you to grow and be a better version of yourself in every moment. Her honesty, authenticity & influence remains an essential for changing lives.

    Viva Hamilton Public Harmony Decor Company
  • Mellany believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. She motivated, encouraged and helped me start my own business, which is growing everyday; very positive and is always willing to help in which ever way she can. Her mastermind class motivates and inspires women in whatever area they may fall short or need guidance to grow. She inspires many, because she speaks, lives and breathes positivity. She is always smiling, is funny and brings such a burst of positive energy and life to social situations. It's very rare to find people who are their authentic selves and it's really refreshing to be around someone like her.

    Loraine Philip D’Nanny Link