Parental Migration and Children Left Behind with Filmmaker Meschida Philip

In war-torn countries, children get left behind every day. It’s a common phenomenon around the world. Parents and¬†children get separated battling to stay alive as bombs cascade on their homes and villages. In other places, parental migration is necessary as parents seek better for their kids – whether it be education or standard living opportunity.

In the Caribbean, many parents, especially mothers migrate to the United States in the hopes of a better life. They most often leave their kids behind with relatives, sometimes strangers, with a promise to return or ‘send for them’ one day. Sometimes years pass before they do. Some stay left behind at the mercy of caretakers who react to the burden of caring for someone else’s child.

In this film, Scars of Our Mother’s Dreams, Meschida explored the psychological, physical and mental effects on children left behind in the Caribbean, interviewing three adults who did not reunite with their mothers until they were grown up and had families of their own.

Tune into the conversation here:

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