Creative Project Brainstorm

  • Isn’t it crazy how sometimes it takes everything you’ve got to refocus your energy on something you’ve been wanting to do for years?
  • Do you have a creative block and need a fresh perspective to launch this idea?
  • Are you ready to take that project out of your head and onto paper?

I work with clients to take their project idea from initiation to execution. If we work together, you should come with a ready mindset because the time is NOW! Enough of those ideas sitting on the shelf!

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Book Development Session

  1. You know you want to write a book. You have an amazing story to share, one that has the courage to help, inspire and encourage so many people.
  2. You’ve been thinking about it, toying with a few ideas, maybe even jot down a few notes.
  3. Perhaps you’ve imagined what the cover looks like, or the feeling you’ll have when the first print is delivered to you.

You know once write your book, your life will change. So many possibilities await…

Together, we build on your ideas for your book. Then we sort through and choose which one you should use to tell your story, develop an outline and create a structure for your writing. You’re on your way to your first rough draft! Let’s get to it.

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Custom Website Design

I’m now accepting clients for starter websites. I specialize in helping creatives, startups and micro-business owners set up entry-level websites (one-page and multi-page) in Squarespace and even train them to manage the back office.

If you need help getting a face for yourself or your business on the internet, you’ve come to the right place. Thanks for stopping by my site!

The process of designing or redesigning your website requires a lot of preparation. I understand how frustrating it is just trying to set up an account. I was you a few years ago. We’ll discuss the scope of your project, your overall budget, expected launch date, goals, and objectives for the website.


Here’s what one of my clients had to say:


Mellany was thorough and patient during the entire coaching session. Her passion and excitement in teaching the subject matter made me excited about learning something new. ~ Shermaine P

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