NALIS’ Heritage Library Division

In observance of World Book and Copyright Day 2017, NALIS’ Heritage Library Division mounted an exhibition acknowledging 1st Time Authors. 

This programme will include the authors identified as having written and published their first book during the period 1st January, 2016 and the 31st December 2016. It will include the presentation of appreciation tokens, followed by the formal opening of the  8th Annual 1st Time Authors  exhibition at the Rotunda, National Library Building. In addition, the NGC Bocas Lit Fest will be holding a special workshop for 1st Time Authors titled “Writers First,” in the afternoon. This workshop will focus on imparting information and answering questions which authors may still have as they continue on their journey as published writers.

Celebrating 1st Time Authors is NALIS’s attempt to applaud the hard work of first time authors, to encourage new writers to enter the publishing arena, and to raise public awareness of the issues involved in the protection of intellectual property as well as the enforcement of copyright.

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