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I am passionate about seeing others WIN in their life, relationships, and careers in general. I especially enjoy working with women who can acknowledge that they are ready for a huge shift in their lives. My number one goal is to help them share their unique stories and transform personally and professionally. Think of me as your mentor, friend and project manager all wrapped up into one.

Don’t take my word for it. Hear transformation stories from my clients.

What Clients Are Saying

Why Creative Wellness – Writing, specifically?

I didn’t just pick some fancy sounding something. In 2010, I experienced the biggest and most impactful loss in life anyone could imagine. My Mom passed away unexpectedly. I can’t tell you how extremely devastating this was. As an only child, I felt like I lost the best part of me. I thought I was losing my mind at times, but it forced me to do some soul-searching and in doing so I started journaling every day (on advice from my mentor) to get past my grief.

Creativity, specifically writing, is what helped me heal enough to make critical decisions that eventually led me to reaffirm my purpose of helping women like you tap into their own creativity to create a life you love.

I Create
I welcome being involved with projects that advance social innovation and ultimately create a better world. My specialty for these projects is incorporating organizational and project management principles I learned when I worked as an Engineer/Project Manager.

I Write
In 2016, I successfully wrote and published my first book, Dancing At the Crossroad. It’s a memoir from the pages of my journal that led to my healing journey out of grief and on a path to personal growth and development in a transitional time of my life. The book was featured in African Voices magazine (2017). Check it out HERE.

I am a Publishizer superuser and had one of the top 10% of campaigns obtaining more than 250 preorders during my marketing campaign for the book.

Get a sneak peek into the book here. Or, you can purchase a copy of the book here.

I Coach
When we work together, I use a specific planning strategy to get you started and help you tap into your inner creativity and overcome any writing blocks. For a first-time author/writer who’s always had the desire to write a book, I’ll first say that the process is rigorous, but I am here to provide guidance and prevent you from making the mistakes I made. I break down each writing phase into doable steps so it becomes an easy creative process.

I’d love to hear more about you and explore the possibility of us working together. Schedule a FREE consultation with me.

Professional Bio

My credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Howard University (yes the real HU!).

I’ve been a writer for over 20 years, writing for myself and others. I wrote and published my first book, Dancing At The Crossroad in 2016, and I’m currently working on the 2nd book. My writing is featured in Caribeme Magazine, Trinidad Express Newspapers (VOX magazine), Circles of Faith, The Shiz and African Voices magazine (April 2017).

I also get to share how writing transformed my life with others. In 2016/2017, I appeared on The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show, on Pia Lindstrom Presents (SiriusXM Radio) and The Reading Circle with Marc Medley. Previously, I’ve spoken about personal growth and development at the 2017 Get Shit Done Conference (NY), 2017 Child Abuse Prevention Panel (NY),  the Urban League (FL), Bethune-Cookman University (FL) and Cardozo High School (Washington DC).