It’s All About The Sisters – A New Women’s Tribe For Radical Self-Caring

Northeasterners, I know you are anxiously looking forward to spring. This winter season is seriously played out and frankly, you are over the coats and boots; ready to get your summer bod in formation! Here’s something for you. A new tribe has arrived in New York City! It’s All About The Sisters. If you haven’t heard about it yet, here’s the 411 on what we’re currently doing.

As a member of this tribe you’ll be in for adventure activities, workshops and retreats all focused on self-care and self-love. Yes, this tribe is serious about getting women to put themselves first. So, if you’re a woman and you’re currently in New York, you may want to consider joining them for an event or two. Or even becoming a member.

Try them on for size – their spring hike to Bear Mountain is coming up on March 24th. You can sign up HERE or view photos from the last hike via the gallery HERE.

Not really an outside person? That’s ok. Join them for an In The Living Room event or  Self-Love Retreat later this year.

I recently had a sitdown with my friend, Augusta Rullow, Co-Founder of All About The Sisters to discuss the vision for our group and what women can expect. You can listen to the interview below:

The making of this movement was almost divine because Augusta and I met about a year ago at a speakers conference in Manhattan, NY and our friendship has been history. Although AATS was in the works for some time since 2016, activities did not jump off until 2017 with a series of small hikes in New York and New Jersey, the largest culminating at Bear Mountain in September. This was the real start!

A group of 15 women from all around the tri-state area made the 4-mile trek over Bear Mountain last Fall in an effort to get a last-minute nature walk in anticipation of the changing season. From here, both Augusta and I recognized we were on to something. There was a need for a domestic tribe that provided woman wellness!

With her experience running Cancer Survivors In Action (CSIA), a non-profit organization in Trinidad & Tobago that focuses on empowering cancer patients and survivors, coupled with my enthusiasm for creating a space for women to let go and let live, we decided to join forces.

On January 14, 2018, All About The Sisters launched in style at a cool studio in Manhattan. We wanted women in New York to know that we are here and we are rooting, as Augusta says, for them to live a blissful life.

AATS has since had a Vision Board Soirée, that helped attendees create boards with their visions for 2018, and a website-building class helping aspiring entrepreneurs who need an online presence to create a starter website.

Our upcoming hike is March 24. Several local workshops focusing on financial, creativity and healing are in the works in the coming months.

If you’re ready to take your wellness journey seriously this year, you can start by making these moves with us; the first step to becoming a member is filling out our questionnaire.

*Featured image borrowed from Black Panther movie.

*This month Mellany Motivates is focused on different aspects of Environmental Wellness. How can you get more in touch with nature? How can your surroundings heal you?

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