Creating Healthy Habits That Can Immediately Become Your Daily Routine

I find myself getting into arguments regularly about why is it so hard for grown folk to just stop with the bad habits. No amount of reasoning can get me to understand that if you say you want something, then how come you can’t just take the steps to achieve it?

Well, Travis Bradberry in a HuffPost article in 2016, confirmed what I already know. “You are the sum of your habits. When you allow bad habits to take over, they dramatically impede your path to success. The challenge is bad habits are insidious, creeping up on you slowly until you don’t even notice the damage they’re causing.”

You see, the habits you have now that are impeding your growth, some have been formed since birth, and developed over a long period. The people around you have also influenced you. Most people can’t fathom that To create new habits and push past the old ones, requires a level of sacrifice and self-control Click To Tweet

So, what about this lack of motivation you have? Apparently, it’s all scientific. Blame it on science that you are not venturing beyond your comfort zone. Why? Because your comfort zone does not require much thought or effort. You basically know the routine, you’ve been doing it for years, and you can do it with your eyes closed. Am I right? I know I am.

Dr. Marika Lindholm, sociologist and founder of, says:

Good habits require sacrifice. Good habits require discipline, and good habits can sometimes make you feel like you’re not living life to the fullest.

Life is really hard — we all feel like we deserve a reward. Going day in and day out, trying to build new habits, is physically and mentally exhausting in the short run.

What does this have to do with you? Well, you’ve been doing the same things over time expecting the same results, and you’re tired. You have goals and dreams. You want to live in your purpose but have no idea how and where to start. The truth is these won’t be achieved if you don’t construct a new, healthier lifestyle that requires a ton of thought and willpower. I like to term this resetting life.

Here’s the thing though. To create these new habits, you’ll have to deconstruct the entire familiar routine you’ve built up and start from scratch. Yikes! I know this is no easy task, and I figure you’d be rolling your eyes at me, so I created a FREE worksheet to help you on your journey in establishing your new life.

Understand that getting out of your comfort zone also impacts your productivity and work ethic. Let me help you start with just one day. Here are the quick steps:

Thank me later! You’re welcome! Click HERE for your free worksheet.

Oh, and feel free to drop me a line at to let me know how you’re doing.

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