7 Steps To Your Mindset Makeover: The Key Your Best Life Ever

Everybody is talking these days about having the right mindset or getting your mind right, as some say. First of all, admitting that you need to get your mind right is hard. I understand. You have things that you don’t want to deal with right now. Bah humbug! We all do, but you know what…life doesn’t run smoothly when we ignore the important aspects. And our minds rule everything – the way we feel, how healthy our bodies are and so much more.

Remember, the key to success is having a growth mindset Click To Tweet (the belief that you are in control of your ability, and can learn and improve). If you start your entrepreneurial journey with the mindset that you may fail, you are setting yourself up for failure. That’s just facts!

Similarly, as a person going through significant adjustments, when your circumstances in life change beyond your control, your responses should also change. This becomes your coping mechanism. You’ve probably heard my story a million times since I started telling it. I know, you can probably recite it along with me, and that’s ok. I have to ensure you understand how important processing your feelings is to have a healthy mindset, especially in the midst of an upset in your life.

You know, life can be all flowers and berries one day, then you go to bed, wake up, and it’s all chaos. You have no clue how you got here and don’t even have a contingency plan in place to help move you forward. Very scary!

I can relate because it’s the same way I felt back in 2010 when my mom passed away. It’s like I went to sleep one day and the next day, life didn’t just happen, it HAPPENED!! Every time I think back to that fateful day, I get the same feeling and knots in my stomach all over again. The one thing I fought hard to combat was all the negativity the mind conjures up when you face a difficult situation. It’s automatic! Sheesh!

For me at that time, instead of thinking of all the great memories that my Mom and I had, I became consumed with all the things that I did not do; the fact that I didn’t do enough; all these feelings of guilt and what ifs. I haven’t even started to talk about the denial and anger…ok; I am giving away details of the book. Get your copy here for more story and how I overcame.

Nevertheless, it became apparent to me after a near suicide attempt how dark my mind had become and how deep it was taking me. I was constantly in a negative frame of mind, battling all these internal pressures that weren’t helping me to accept my Moms absence. Something had to change and that something meant taking stock of my thoughts. Here are seven things I did then and continue to do today for a complete mindset makeover.

  • Spend Time Outdoors
  • Have Consistent Healthy Thoughts
  • Reading
  • Intentional Goal Setting
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Socialize

My very simple list.

When you harness the power of your mind, you can be anything you want to be. Your perspective shifts, your confidence grows, and the way others receive you also begin to change. Why? You are now fostering a growth mindset. You are now aware of what each action and subsequent reaction signify.

This week on my Instagram (@mellmotivates), I’ll break down the importance of all of these and give an insight to how they help me lead a consistent, balanced life! Go ahead and connect with me on IG now. 

Ohhh, and here’s a BONUS TIP! Just for you this week, you get a free consultation to pick my brain if you’re struggling with having the right mindset. Schedule your chat here.

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