5 Wonderful Things You Forgot About Life

Life has some wonderful things that make it great! But do we ever stop to think about them anymore? To smell the roses and wonder at nature and the little things that make it unique? I loved life as a kid. I enjoyed every minute of it until I had no choice but to start adulting. And then it became crappy. I hear many people say they would give anything to be a child again. I know I would! Getting caught up in the balancing act of managing bills, kids, and everything else in between, we forget to stay enlightened and to show appreciation for this blessing. Allow me to share five reminders you may have forgotten about life.

1. A simple life is the happiest life.
Remember when you were a kid and had one pair of shoes, one bff you told everything to, and maybe that one dress you thought was the cutest thing for church on Sunday? Wasn’t life simple back then? As your circumstances changed, you started adding things. New friends, new clothes, toys, tech. Whew! Take a look around now and see how much you have accumulated. It’s distracting! It took a major loss in my life to lead me to learn to choose happiness without the complication of things by setting a baseline for my definition of simplicity. Some of us are great at doing this, but many of us are yet to define what it truly means to us. Today, I let those principles be my guide to simplicity.

2. You are as free as you decide to be.
Remembering that your attention is your most valuable possession should be enough to get you to focus on what is most important. A life without clutter, overcommitment, and distractions is a blessing. You’re allowed to unplug and disconnect at will to make time for the little things. A great practice that can lead to a less cluttered life is decluttering your home and workspace. These visual distractions tug at us in more ways than we realize. Feel free to tune out sometimes as well. Take off your phone, lock yourself in your room and just be.

3. The only way to find peace is to create it within yourself, regardless of the chaos around you.
A quiet, unrushed morning is always yours to treasure. You know, those mornings when you wake early, and there is some quiet time to read, write, or meditate? As a habit, this practice changes the quality of your life, and you respond to the world differently. While the facts of your busy life may still be there in your head, your response to them is accepted and let go at the moment.

4. People are looking to love you exactly as you are. Don’t compromise yourself.
You are a miracle! Your uniqueness makes you quite unlike anyone else. No one will ever be as good at being you as you are.

You are enough!

Trying to change yourself to fit into a particular social group or professional arena will only work to your demise. Besides who wants to be pretending all the time? Being you comes naturally. I am emotional, and I embrace it. For the people who don’t like it, I leave the door open for them. They are free to walk out at any time. Stop waiting for the seal of approval from others. Appreciate and celebrate you because YOU ARE AMAZING!

5. Nobody will permit you to start truly living life.
Life is about living, and living well means you show up for yourself time after time. If you’re waiting for someone to tell you how to, then you’ll be waiting for years to come. Some of us are waiting for others to tell us when. You don’t need permission to make your life exciting. You know the saying “live like there’s no tomorrow?” Well yeah. You can choose to start today. Make a habit of looking for the positive and funny in everything. It’s ok to be silly and laugh at yourself sometimes. I guarantee you’ll feel better. Lol. I do it all the time.

These five reminders should awaken a hunger for a life renewed, and your response should be to take hold and never let go. Wherever you are on your journey take a moment to appreciate. The truth is I should want to be you when I see you.

If you are want to achieve a constant state of ‘turn-upness’ in your life, contact me today for a quick session. Let’s talk about where you are and areas I can help you improve.

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