Hi, I’m Mellany, welcome to Mellany Motivates!

I am a Creative Wellness Coach providing tools for GenX women to better understand their post-traumatic inner struggles, so they can embrace their healing journey and refocus their life plan and purpose.

I am passionate about seeing others WIN! In their life, relationships, and careers in general. I especially enjoy working with women who can acknowledge that they are ready for a change from the brokenness a life challenge has brought on them. I empower you with mental, physical and spiritual strategies and resources to become whole again. Think of me as your mentor, friend and project manager all wrapped up into one.

Why Creative Wellness?

I didn’t just pick some fancy sounding something. In 2010, I experienced the biggest and most impactful loss in life anyone could imagine. My Mom passed away unexpectedly. I can’t tell you how extremely devastating this was. As an only child, I felt like I lost the best part of me. I thought I was losing my mind at times, but it forced me to do some soul searching and do some creative things in order to get past my grief, and heal enough to make critical decisions that eventually led me to a remarkable and rewarding existence out of a 9-5 and into my purpose.

I understand how taking the time to live with your feelings surrounding a traumatic life event and tapping into your inner self, can help you come to terms with your situation and reduce stress emotionally and physically. This is how you move forward!

I am also an Author and Speaker, specifically focusing on personal growth and development. I share my healing journey in my book, Dancing At the Crossroad. Get a sneak peek into the book here. Or, you can purchase a copy of the book here.

When we work together, I use the core creative wellness principles to identify strategic ways to my help clients redefine their lives. 

If you’re tired of the emotional rollercoaster and unpredictability of your situation, schedule a call with me. I’d love to hear more about you and explore the possibility of us working together.

Professional Bio

Mellany’s credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Howard University (yes the real HU!).

Her writing is featured in Trinidad Express Newspapers (VOX magazine), Circles of Faith, The Shiz and African Voices magazine (April 2017).

Previously, Mellany has spoken at the Urban League (FL), Bethune-Cookman University (FL) and Cardozo High School (Washington DC). In 2017, she appeared on The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show. and previously on Pia Lindstrom Presents (SiriusXM Radio) and The Reading Circle with Marc Medley.