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Hi I'm Mellany

Hi, my name is Mellany, welcome to Mellany Motivates!
I'm passionate about helping women transition from ‘what now’ to ‘here now.’

You see, I spent a considerable amount of time in 'what now' phase and I am keen on sharing my coping strategies for dealing with life's toughest challenges, and your ultimate healing. I'm here for your move to living authentically.


Some kind words from lovely clients.

  • Mell helped me develop a strategic plan and take action towards the accomplishment of my personal goals. Her passion for helping others is evident and her excitement is contagious!

    Aisha Oliver-Staley Attorney
  • Mell is a Creative Genius with the ability to help you clearly identify your goals and create a definite strategy towards achieving them. She is gifted with the talent to help others clearly visualize what they want to accomplish and continues to come up with new, exciting and proven ways that help you reach your desired results; for the individual that is serious and ready to take their business to the next level!

    Aishah Tatum Holisitic Life Coach, Author and Speaker

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